About Us


Interliance CapitalInterliance Capital provides a full spectrum of business strategy and financial solutions including debt and equity financing for accelerated growth, mergers and acquisitions, and international expansion with post integration support. Our mission is to overcome the challenges inherent in growing a company while focusing on value creation and long term sustainability.

Our arsenal of support services includes seasoned management experts and strong investment alliances with private investors, family offices, strategic investors, hedge funds, equity funds, and private lenders.

Throughout our thirty years of achievement, we have gained a reputation for designing and implementing corporate growth strategy for domestic and global expansion, acquisitions, and financial and organizational performance with top-line growth and bottom-line improvement. Our expertise is a unique combination of management and strategy expertise, operational know-how and financial resources to support company growth and maximize business opportunities.


Interliance Capital has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and client champion to navigate the often tricky waters of corporate growth and finance. Structuring debt or equity financing can be a critical strategic decision that affects a company’s long-term success. Selecting the right financial partner may be a crucial decision about the growth pathway your company will take. We help structure the best financial strategy for your unique situation and offer a variety of financial solutions to meet the various stages of corporate growth objectives and challenges.