Who We Serve


We focus on revenue generating private companies with strong management teams looking to raise capital for accelerated growth, acquisitions or liquidity focused on:

  • Gaining traction in the marketplace and bring in capital and know-how for adequate growth
  • Strengthening your corporate strategy to align your executives, departments and resources on a game plan for rapid expansion and with a clear pathway of growth.
  • Strengthening and stabilize your corporate infrastructure with strong policy, process and productivity systems, aligned with financial controls and measurements to improve management control.
  • Acquiring capital for, global expansion , acquisition growth , or a liquidity event.

We are able to quickly assess and determine the best approach to support our clients through the turning points and onto their next level of growth. Company demands and priorities change as each growth stage is successfully achieved. We advise throughout the process helping our clients raise the capital they need but also provide the consulting and services to improve and/or accelerate performance, or prepare the company for an investment or liquidation event.


Interliance Capital supports the efforts of family offices, private equity funds, hedge funds, and strategic investors to locate new business opportunities and create greater value and returns from portfolio investments focused on:

  • locating, evaluating and securing viable investment opportunities
  • providing the management oversight and guidance over an investment
  • delivering improved business performance to portfolio companies
  • mitigating risks, wealth preservation, and ensuring envisioned investment returns

Not every family office, private equity firm or strategic investor has the experience or internal resources to build a pipeline of business opportunity or provide the oversight and management expertise required from their investment. Interliance Capital does have the experience to help investors build and maintain a strong investment portfolio. Our base of emerging and middle market clients may also serve as a pipeline for new investment opportunities.


Foreign companies wishing to establish a base in the U.S. will find our services to be of great value. We bring a deep understanding of the rewards and challenges facing any foreign company new to the U.S. marketplace and can make the transition easier.

We understand the cultural difference in business practices and expectations and can ease the adjustment for both sides.

Through our support services and facilitation process, we help establish the most appropriate entrance strategy for foreign companies entering the U.S. Our services range from establishing a new corporate base, locating and facilitating an acquisition or joint venture partnership, or finding a market distribution partner for long-term success. We bring an experienced team to cover all key aspects necessary to properly establish a successful base of operations such as: Corporate Attorney, CPA, Marketing Strategist, Human Resource specialists, Technical and Environmental experts and Financial sources, among others.

Foreign companies bound for the U.S. market can count on Interliance Capital to provide the full support services needed to effectively and quickly integrate the company into our U.S. system of laws and cultural expectations to become successfully established in this country.


Since project financing is based on the projected cash flow of the operation rather than current revenue of a company, the business plan, market analysis and financial modeling must show a strong pathway to future value and ROI.

Project developers looking to finance both the preliminary stage of a new project or bring together the full complex financing for the project scope will find our resources and experience to be of great value.

The financing will be secured by project assets and collateral enhancements created to mitigate risks rather than depending on traditional debt and equity investment. In commercial ventures, there is a choice between accepting venture funding whereby the investor takes the risk rather than seeking project funding whereby you place the assets and collateral enhancements at risk.

We bring a deep understanding of the complexity in structuring project financing appropriate for new projects whether in the commercial or infrastructure field.