Our Team


our teamWe are a small dynamic team of senior executives and seasoned experts dedicated to helping our clients achieve their growth objectives. Our investment partners rely on our expertise to identify and qualify strong business opportunities or co-invest.

Interliance Capital’s team consists of highly qualified C-level consultants and experts with an average of 25+ years of experience in the various corporate growth areas of investment advisory, financial analysis, strategy, infrastructure and operational development, and management. Our team has the hands-on experience in growing and managing companies and are executives, entrepreneurs and investors themselves with expertise covering a range of industries.

Our unique blend of practical experience and know-how helps our clients achieve real results and avoid common mistakes in the process. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping to transfer and build your team’s knowledge, skills and competency in the process. Our team is dedicated to getting results and helping our clients achieve their goals.

Interliance Capital’s dedicated core team of experts enjoys strong working partnerships and strategic alliances with other top professional firms in their field as well. Such partnerships include Legal and CPA firms, FINRA-rated securities firms, benefits and recruitment placement firms, and technical experts in specific industries such as oil and gas, energy, mining, technology, telecom, waste-water treatment, manufacturing, and others.

We bring our hard-won experience and team of corporate growth experts to your company to ensure that you succeed in building the value of your company and your wealth as owners, as well as improved company survival and growth as an important economic building block in the community.