experienceWe have a unique combination of strategic expertise, financial resources, and operational know-how to support company growth and maximize business opportunities.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive knowledge and combined skills as successful corporate executives, global strategists and financial advisors with a depth of experience and expertise in all size companies across multiple industry sectors. We work with a a large network of private investors, equity funds, strategic investors and lenders seeking qualified companies to lend, invest in, or acquire. Our combined experience as corporate level consultants together with our global network of resources allows us to provide customized solutions unique in the industry.

Companies seek us out because they know that we bring a comprehensive understanding of their operations, markets, and financial needs and can provide the knowledge, insight and guidance to provide customized growth solutions. With a deep understanding of the company’s growth position, along with our financial partners, we are able to bring clients into our extensive network of capital sources, and strategic business relationships to secure the growth financing they need.

We are able to construct and implement strategic growth, financial, and acquisition plans to capitalize on market opportunities, prepare companies for sustained growth, increased profitability and higher valuation.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of industries including energy, oil and gas, mining and minerals, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, distribution, services, government, and more. Our clients range in size from emerging growth to Fortune 100 companies. Whether it’s an oil and gas company looking for development and drilling funding; a technology company in need of a growth strategy; a manufacturing company seeking acquisition financing, a global medical device company requesting that we facilitate acquisitions in China, a Foreign company seeking to partner with a U.S. manufacturing operation, or a Fortune 100 oil and gas company requesting a pipeline study to support their acquisition, they rely on Interliance Capital to help them through the challenge.