What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say …

Securing Growth Capital

“Without Interliance Capital, we would never have been able to successfully close on our recent round of funding. They understood our challenges, helped us reformulate our growth strategy, re-think and package our investment approach, and successfully brought us our investment partner.”
– Healthcare Technology, President and CEO

“Their pivotal advice and guidance helped us prepare our Company to secure the operational and expansion funding we needed to go from one pilot plant to multiple sites.”
– Waste Oil Treatment Company, CEO

“Our system was the outcome of eight years and over $12 million dollars in research and development, but our growth was stalled. Interliance Capital made it possible for us to formulate a competitive growth strategy and secure an investment partner.”
– Technology Company, Inventor/CEO

“Our growing recycling business was in need of working capital to help us through the next stage of growth. The Interliance Capital team helped us identify the right type of financing for our growth stage, and in short order, had several term sheets for us. They helped us evaluate the pros and cons of each offer and determine who would be the best long-term financing partner for us.”
– Recycling Company, President/CEO

“We had been trying to finance our mining operation for several years with little success. Interliance Capital took us under their wing and brought in the needed financing to get us moving again. Not only did they secure the funding we needed, they helped us restructure our business plan and get us focused on proper growth. We were very lucky to have them on our team.”
– U.S. Mining and Minerals Company, CEO

“We were going to sell our oil terminal but discovered that leasing was a far better financial solution than selling. They assisted us by locating a highly qualified company, facilitated the negotiations, and helped us close the deal.”
– U.S. Oil Terminal Company, CEO

“Our successful acquisition of our $30M oil assets was due in no small part to Interliance Capital. They provided the guidance, analysis, due diligence, and supported our successful negotiations through to the end.”
– Large Oil Pipeline Company, President

M&A and Global Expansion Strategy

“Interliance Capital was instrumental in helping us select the right manufacturing and distribution partners for our SEA operations. In addition they provided an invaluable perspective on international trade and logistics to help us evaluate the costs, opportunities and risks inherent in setting up our global footprint.”
– Manufacturing Company, Executive Vice President, Global Operations

“We totally counted on their expertise and guidance to select the right company to purchase. They were thorough and dedicated in every way, and provided several companies for our review with their recommendations. We moved forward with the best match and they facilitated negotiations and kept us all on track. I highly recommend them.”
– Manufacturing Company, CEO

“They made it easy for us by doing all the leg work. After reviewing hundreds of potential candidates, they narrowed the field based on our specifications, performed all the preliminary due diligence, provided additional insight regarding cultural expectations and long-term goals to ensure a win-win scenario and longevity for our business relationship. Once we selected our partner, they facilitated the joint venture negotiation as part of our team. I highly recommend them.”
– U.S. Medical Manufacture, Executive Vice President

“I’ve created three, wholly owned manufacturing facilities in China over the past several years, but now that I’ve worked with Interliance Capital, I would never work in China again without them.”
– U.S. Manufacturing, Director of Global Markets

“Working in China with Interliance Capital is like riding on the back of a Turtle. Every step is sure footed, they know every door to the real decision makers, you can relax and enjoy the ride knowing you will get to your destination safely.”
– U.S. Auto Industry, CEO

Corporate Strategy and Infrastructure

“Since working with you, our company has more than quintupled in profitable revenue while improving quite attractive returns to our shareholders.”
– Engineering and Manufacturing Company, President and CEO

“We were in a real mess, growing too fast. Interliance Capital had the full scope and ability to help us build the market strategy, infrastructure, information and management systems we needed to set ourselves up for major sustainable growth.”
– U.S. Technology Company, President and CEO

“I’ve never worked with such a high quality and dynamic team. They are my extended team and they get the job done. I know I can count on Interliance Capital to always ensure that we achieve results and are not engaged in ‘activities’ that drive us nowhere. They are true leaders.”
– U.S. HQ of Major Auto Manufacturer, Director

“Interliance Capital helped us not only solve our complex growth problems, but they helped us put in sustainable systems that we can use for the long-term. They were swift in action, on the money with their solutions, and brought to light things we missed. They helped us save millions in our operations.”
– Telecommunications Company, Vice President

“We had an unusually difficult situation. Not only did they help us solve this complex situation in the time we had, they didn’t cut short on quality. Their comprehensive approach brought forward issues we were totally unaware of in the first place.”
– Major Oil and Gas Company, Pipeline Division Director

“You not only helped show us what to do, but you stayed with us to see the execution of a very aggressive strategy materialize. In hindsight, and with the experience and wisdom of many years in this business, I can say the results were truly spectacular. Thank you for helping me articulate my vision and to communicate that to all my key constituents of the business, both inside and outside the company.”
– Cable Manufacturing Company, Chairman and President

Mastering the Technique of Strategy

“In fact, understanding what you told me you were doing to do, and how you expected it to play out, I was absolutely convinced as to the outcome. You can imagine my surprise when I, along with my senior managers, came to the conclusion, and with complete consensus, that the basic strategic driver behind our future strategy was something different than what we were all convinced it should be. And you did not tell us the answer. You effectively, efficiently, and with great execution ability, led us to this conclusion. The result was a radical shift in where we needed to take the company. Your process was of great value to me and to our company. Thank you. ”
– Office Product Retail Distribution, President and CEO

“Our success was due to your process and institutionalizing that process as a kind of corporate ‘language’… certainly not the only thing we did, but the most significant underpinning. What strategic thinking really did for us was pulling together the same way, because everyone was on board… everyone understood what needed to be done and why … so there was no zigging and zagging amongst the functional managers when it came to day-to-day implementation.”
– Manufacturing Company, President and CEO

“I never really had a clear understanding of our direction until we used this process.”
– Fortune 500 Medical Insurance Company, President

“I’ve used (several of the major ‘Big 4′ consulting firms) and this is the best money I have ever spent.”
– Manufacturer of Heavy Equipment, President