Merger and Acquisition Finance


merger_financingMergers and acquisitions have been rising as a strategic way to exponentially increase corporate growth.

Great care should be taken to develop the search criteria and identify potential candidates in alignment with corporate strategy or investment goals. We help to define the optimum investment target, perform initial due diligence on each prospect and compare the top candidates that best fit the criteria. Our in-depth evaluation and risk assessment of all aspects of the company will identify the best candidate for final analysis. Then, we facilitate the negotiation to ensure a strong strategic business alignment with a win-win scenario on both sides. Pre- and post-integration consulting is available to ensure a smooth transition.

There is more to evaluating a potential acquisition than pure financial analysis and number crunching. The soft side of the business may be the deciding factor in determining the future success and strategic fit of the integrated company. The management philosophy, corporate policy, growth strategy, management controls, source relationships, marketing and sales methods, new product development, employee and customer satisfaction among other elements of a company will tell a story of the impending success or the unfortunate disaster.


When it comes time for an exit and management is ready to sell the business, or a portion of the business, getting the highest value is most critical. It is wise to start thinking of the many opportunities to improve valuation, including optimizing the business processes early so as to get the highest possible valuation and price.

For those wishing to sell a company, understanding the many ramifications including taxes, core issues for continuation, and selecting the appropriate buyer are all necessary elements to structure prior to beginning the sales process.

We help you work through the process of strategic preparation and planning for the upcoming sale, provide consulting as needed to optimize the value of the company, facilitate the due diligence and negotiation process along with your key legal and accounting advisors to complete the sale.

Buy Side Acquisition Finance and Consulting

  • Acquisition or Joint Venture Strategy
  • Acquisition Criteria identification, Screening, and Due diligence
  • Investment Risks and Reward Analysis
  • Valuation
  • Transaction Structuring and Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Acquisition Finance

Sell Side—Asset Divestiture or Company Sale

  • Company Preparation and Planning for Sale
  • Consulting to Optimize Company Value
  • Buyer Presentation and Documentation Preparation
  • Introduction to Potential Buyers
  • Project Management and Sales Facilitation