Corporate Strategy


corporate_strategyOne can say that growth is essential for a business. Growth creates value and it is the business strategy that drives growth.  Without a focused strategy, the company will often rely on luck or historical demand and may not be able to navigate the inherent change in the marketplace, withstand an economic downturn, or stand up to competitor aggression. More often, companies simply miss the opportunity to perpetuate their own growth into the future.

Corporate business strategy is usually designed in the board room or by the CEO and executive staff and redesigned and revalued yearly to out-think and out-maneuver the competition. Once designed, the strategy must be successfully deployed and implemented throughout the organization. It sounds like a routine function of leadership, but this is probably the most difficult yet important function they control. Designing effective corporate strategy and the speedy deployment and implementation of that strategy depends on leadership intention, clarity of communication, and measurement.

Understanding the internal drivers of a business as well as the external market, economic, and political drivers are fundamental to defining strategy. Once defined, it allows fast action to be taken when companies become threatened with a change in the business climate. Whether disruptive technologies threaten your business model, new competition emerges from a global player, or a well-funded competitor begins to consolidate the industry, immediate response is necessary at both the strategic and tactical levels corporate wide.


Interliance Capital brings more than 30 years of hands-on experience in design, facilitation and deployment of competitive strategies. We understand what drives company value and growth, how to handle the sudden shift to accommodate a business threat, how to help leaders master the technique of strategic planning and the role strategy plays in both top and bottom line performance. A winning strategy makes the company more worthwhile to the owners, stakeholders, potential investors or buyers. By mastering the technique— you thoroughly control the process of developing and rapidly adjusting your strategy to keep the company on the right track for success.