Mastering the Technique of Strategic Planning


strategic_planningMastering the technique of strategic planning is vital for those leaders who aren’t sure just how to take their organizations into a new path of success in a fast-moving, turbulent world.

Board members, CEOs or executives need to learn how to craft distinctive business models and singular competitive strategies that will be unique in tomorrow’s marketplace. They need to understand and learn the unique underlying principles to think strategically today if they wish to be triumphant for tomorrow.

Why? In a fast-moving world, business models and strategies are built around important assumptions about both the internal and the external environments relevant today, but that will be rapidly irrelevant tomorrow. You can’t depend on experts alone to tell you what to do. Using the knowledge of experts puts you at risk of being too slow to react because of the speed of change and the tsunami-type forces presently at work globally – politically, economically, and technologically.

Interliance Capital addresses corporate strategy by helping the leaders of a company fully grasp the unknown and hidden underlying key assumptions upon which a winning strategy is built – and which serve to align all future business decisions. Once that understanding is in place, we move forward to facilitate the establishment of the corporate strategy, ensure total consensus at the top, and then effectively get it communicated to serve as a bell tower for future business decisions and alignment with other divisions.


We bring years of expertise in walking executives through the thought process to enable them to master the technique of strategic planning in order to navigate their own course for growth. It doesn’t take six months and a heavy investment of time and money to set or realign corporate strategy. It only takes a few days to understand the underlying assumptions and business drivers inherent in setting a strategy. Once put in place, all business decisions, (the actual navigation of the company by the executives and managers) will keep the company on course. There are many myths about building a strategy, ranging from the only good strategy is a “bright think” idea to the latest safe strategy for value creation would be add-ons, but in truth, strategy is a skill that must be practiced to become an integral part of leadership.

Our understanding of strategic drivers and the strategic planning process enables us to facilitate the formulation of strategies by the company’s own leaders and executives to create measurable long-term value for the company. We also work individually within the divisions that must create operational and tactical programs to guide in how to most effectively implement the strategy.