Global Expansion Strategy


global_expansion_strategyCompanies looking to expand market share by capturing international markets can rely on Interliance Capital to support their efforts by bringing our broad global perspective and network of in-country experts to offer seamless access and expansion into new markets.

Our client base and network of resources expands globally into China/SEA, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. With our unique government and private partnerships globally, we are able to provide specialized services to both the U.S. and international clients to accomplish their global expansion strategies.

We have enjoyed a two decade history in China advising the government on economic development strategies, and facilitating foreign direct investment, joint ventures, and market entry strategies to get a foothold into China. As consultants to our international clients wishing to get traction in the Chinese market, we located, evaluated and matched parties for joint ventures, led acquisitions for foreign direct investment and guided divestitures for state-owned companies, oversaw the selection and building of factories for strategic product manufacturing, set up supply chain and logistics strategies for clients setting up distribution facilities, and established strategic political and business partnerships for clients trying to maneuver within the Chinese market.

Today, we have taken our decades of global experience in working with international clients and global governments such as in China to other developing countries by building key government and powerful business relationships in Africa, Brazil, Europe, and the Middle East, to name a few.


Foreign companies wishing to establish a base in the U.S. will find our services to be of great value. We understand the cultural difference in business practices and expectations and can ease the adjustment for both sides. Through our support services and facilitation process, we help establish the most appropriate entrance strategy for foreign companies entering the U.S. Our services range from establishing a new corporate base, locating and facilitating an acquisition or joint venture partnership, or finding a market distribution partner for long-term success. We bring an experienced team to cover all key aspects necessary to properly establish a successful base of operations such as: Corporate Attorney, CPA, Marketing Strategist, Human Resource specialists, Technical and Environmental experts and Financial sources among others.

We bring a deep understanding of the rewards and challenges facing any foreign company new to the U.S. marketplace and can make the transition easier.

Foreign companies bound for the U.S. market can count on Interliance Capital to provide the full support services needed to effectively and quickly integrate the company into our U.S. system of laws and cultural expectations to become successfully established in this country.

Optimization of business potential is often achieved best through international alliances and expanding global footprint. We help foreign clients new to the US determine the best strategic focus and location then evaluate and match parties for direct investment, joint ventures, and partnerships with opinion leaders to support the safe and successful expansion into the US markets.

Interliance Capital has the experience to understand the challenges and benefits to make your global expansion successful.