M&A Strategy

Guidance to success

ma_strategyWhen a company’s strategy dictates growth through acquisitions, expanding a global foothold via foreign direct investment, locating an appropriate joint venture partner, or divesting a division, a sound strategic approach is needed for success.

Corporate Growth Strategy dictates the “why, when, and how” mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures are called into play. Decisions should be based on very specific strategic objectives regarding how those investments will benefit the company. Decisions need to be made against the corporate strategy designed to increase the valuation, cash flow, competitiveness, or performance of the company—it is not enough to just decide to “add-on” or “divest” a company as a method to show growth. Corporate Development Executives need to align their strategy to the corporate strategy, whether that be to grow via consolidation of their industry, increase top line growth or increase EBIDTA percentage. Other alignments may focus on securing source materials to reduce costs or control vertical supply chain, to deter the competition or some other strategic imperative.

Once the purpose and outcome for the investment is identified, there should be a clear pathway to identifying qualified candidates in alignment with corporate growth strategy.

Interliance Capital has the experience to facilitate the development of the corporate M & A strategy and once determined, provides facilitation and implementation of the program.

Companies who are seeking acquisitions, joint ventures, or to expand markets or operations globally, or divest an asset will benefit from our expertise and global network.