Securing Growth Captial


securing_growth_capitalAttracting investors depends on providing a sound business opportunity including a well-developed business plan, strong market viability, experienced management team, strong investor upside, and matching investor risk and reward requirements. Whether debt, equity, or a combination is desired, Interliance Capital can help you attract the investment money and achieve your funding goals.

Interliance Capital works primarily with privately-held companies as a trusted partner to help navigate the often tricky waters of corporate growth. We help structure the best financial strategy and offer a variety of financial solutions to meet the various stages of corporate growth objectives and challenges.

Our services are designed to increase success in attracting and acquiring needed growth capital.

With a deep understanding of the company’s growth position, along with our financial partners, we are able to bring clients into our extensive network of financial sources, private investors, private equity funds, family offices, private lenders, commercial lenders, and strategic business relationships to secure the growth financing they need.