Alternative Finance


76756616Companies are finding it harder to get the financing they need through their traditional sources and often end up spending a great deal of time, money, and effort with trial and error only to be denied funding for various reasons.

For companies who are in need of growth capital but have not been successful in securing financing, lines of credit, and debt or equity investors, we may have an alternative solution.

Some projects are not at the stage where traditional or project financing is possible or attractive to an equity investor or lender. The project may still be in its development phase and searching for enough capital to keep the project rolling forward. When a company or project does not qualify for traditional sources of funding, an alternative financing approach may be appropriate.

The majority of projects under development may benefit from a more creative approach to raising capital. We have qualified providers offering structured finance options including collateral enhancement, bond issuance, surety, and asset-based lending to provide project funding support via alternative assets and structured financial methods that don’t depend on the company’s P&L and balance sheet or individual credit rating.

We are able to utilize financial instruments such as a stand by letter of credit (SBLC), bank guarantees (BG), certificates of deposit (CD), treasury notes, publicly-traded stock, life settlement policies, sovereign guarantees, bonds, or other tangible and financial assets as collateral to generate direct funding for the project. Depending on the project’s merits, stage of development, potential returns, and other factors, we could arrange financing for the seemingly impossible to fund.

“We had been trying to finance our mining operation for several years with little success. Interliance Capital took us under their wing and brought in the needed financing to get us moving again. Not only did they secure the funding we needed, they helped us restructure our business plan and get us focused on proper growth. We were very lucky to have them on our team.”

Mining and Minerals Company, CEO